Energy Transition Database

Welkom op de etdb van Hieronder kunt u zoeken in de database met mensen, projecten en organisaties op het gebied van smart-mobility en energietransitie binnen Nederland.

Adaptive clustering for Decentralised Resilient Energy Management - ADREM
This proposal focuses on the design of a framework for Distributed Energy Resource (DER) management based on self-optimizing and self-healing clusters of consum..
Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Smart Grids (ATES-SG)
Roughly 2000 Aquifer Thermal Energy Systems (ATES) are installed in the Netherlands. Within 10 years, it is expected that this number will increase to 20.000 le..
Asset Maintenance in Electricity Distribution Network
With asset management the driver is to improve operational performance, while controlling expenditures. This leads to risk-based processes to manage performan..
Combineren van Energie- en Ruimtelijke Informatie Standaarden als Enabler - Smart Grids (CERISE-SG_
In The Netherlands, the utilities, including electricity and gas, have been privatized. In 2009 the energy production and sales companies have been split from t..
Control and Reserve Power (Regelduurzaam)
Due to an increase of distributed generation and an increase of the number of different electricity markets uncertainty exists about the effect on the required ..
CSGriP Cellular Smart Grid Platform
The arrival of Smart Grids represents a good step towards better utilisation of the energy distribution network. The development of Smart Grids is, however, sti..
Design and Development of high-performance Multi-functional Modular Multilevel Converter Topologies for renewable energy integration in smart dc grid (M3C)
This project aims at developing a new architecture(s) that is based on the so-called Multi-functional Modular Multilevel Converter (M3C) and that enables direct..
Domestic Intelligent DC Grid
This project enables the implementation of ICT technology in a domestic grid and uses a voltage that can be directly coupled to the dc bus of the latest genera..
Dynamic Powering of EVs using IPT
Inductive power transfer (IPT) is the process of transferring power between circuits without wired interconnects by the process of electromagnetic induction in ..
Energy efficiency becomes crucial for rational consumption of the available resources and reduction of the CO2 production. But the reduction of energy consumpti..
E-Price Project
E-Price is a three-year European research project aiming to develop a reliable, an efficient and a societal-acceptable control concept for the EU energy market...
In recent years, more and more distributed generation has been installed on a neighborhood level. When enough (renewable) generation like PV panels, biomass ins..
Electric Energy storage
The aim of the project is to address a variety of pilot cases in order to demonstrate and analyze the various forms of energy storage technology in practice. Ou..
Electric Lupo
It all began with developing a mobile electric vehicle and studying, for instance, the safety and performance of the selected batteries. A lot more has since be..
Electrical Infrastructure of the Future
This research project, conducted by the Electrical Energy Systems group of TU Eindhoven, is focuses on four topics: (1) Functional specification and design of..
Electrical Vehicle supported PV Smart Grid
Using electrical vehicle batteries for the temporary storage of electricity from solar cells: this is the aim of the Electrical Vehicle supported PV Smart Grid ..
Electricity grids (part of EOS program)
This research gives an overview of current research programs conducted within the Netherlands, concerned with the development of the future grid within 2001-200..
Emerging Energy Practices in the Smart Grid
This research focuses on E-practices as they emerge within and around households in the Netherlands in the context of smart grid developments. The study aims to..
Energy-based analysis and control of the grid: dealing with uncertainty and markets
The research focuses on dynamic pricing algorithms that formulate the maximization of the social welfare as the stabilization of an equilibrium point. The combi..
Extension of the applications of disconnectors in high-voltage grids
The aim of the project is to develop high-voltage air-break disconnectors that have an increased current interruption capability. Up to now, disconnecting switc..
Flexibel-project was performed by a consortium consisting of ECN, KEMA and TU/Eindhoven. The Flexibel project was one of the first projects awarded in the EOS-L..
Green Grid
Many developments concerning smart grids are aimed at a sustainable energy supply and one energy carrier. The Green Grid project concentrates on an integrated a..
Hydrogen storage and batteries
New chemistry for high density electricity and hydrogen storage...
Doelen van het project: - Balanceren decentrale consumptie en productie van energie - Flexibele integratie van decentrale energie in het elektriciteit- en gas..
Improving the Robustness of Urban Electricity Networks
In the smart city of tomorrow, energy generation and consumption will differ significantly from what we know today. Energy distribution system operators both ex..
In4Energy: Working Together on Tomorrow's Energy Supply
In4Energy is the consortium of corporations and organisations responsible for the implementation of the field trial Slim Net in Duurzaam Lochem. Within several ..
Increasing the Robustness of Smart Grids through distributed energy generation: a complex network approach
Today's grid was designed to move power from centralized supply sources to fixed, predictable loads; The current grid is designed to deal with these loads: the ..
Intelligent Power Systems
The research presented in this work has been performed within the framework of the ’Intelligent Power Systems’ project. The project is part of the IOP-EMVT ..
Investigation of Multi-terminal HVDC Networks
Changes in the global energy status quo and the penetration of an increasing amount of renewable energy sources are affecting the shape of the electricity gri..
IOP EMVT is a multi year, strategic research program, aimed to stimulate innovations in electromagnetic power engineering.The program is currently not accepting..
Kostenreductie MS/LS Instrumentatie
The large-scale incorporation of decentralised electricity generation results in issues for the energy infrastructure. Smart Grids, with which the supply and de..
In de loop van de komende twintig jaar zal de Gemeente Meppel een unieke woonwijk met 3.400 woningen ontwikkelen, genaamd Nieuwveense Landen. Een belangrijk uit..
Micro grid strategy for process control on room level
The goal and intended result is to design, build and test an intelligent energy micro grid within buildings with the actual individual human needs as leading pr..
To be able to apply Demand Side Management, one requires detailed information of the power demand of each grid connected appliance. Thus, to balance the energy ..
Next Generation Infrastructures
In 2004, Next Generation Infrastructures (NGInfra) started a research programme with the goal of improving network-related infrastructure in the Netherlands. Th..
North Sea Transnational Grid
The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) foresees that by the end of 2020 there will be circa 40 GW of installed offshore wind energy in Europe. The North Se..
Ontwikkeling- en pilot van het EWEB 2.0 bij ECW Netwerk te AgriportA7
In the EWEB 2.0 project electricity, gas and geothermal energy are traded between growers in almost real time in an automated way. Participants can use their CH..
Partial Discharge (PD) diagnostics on medium voltage cables
Medium-voltage cables sometimes fail, giving rise to outages. Recently, a patented technique has been developed to pinpoint weak spots in the cable connection b..
Pilotproject KITA Haren
In Haren in Emsland, Germany, the University of Twente is involved in a pilot project together with grid operator RWE. This pilot is used to show the possibilit..
Power Grids
Self-Managed Dynamic Institutions in Power Grids: Sharing the Cost of Reliability This project studies control structures that can be used to shape dynamic sel..
Power Quality in future infrastructures KTI
Due to the increasing use of more sensitive apparatuses by the customers, the electricity network is continuously required to serve with high quality power dema..
How will our energy infrastructure look like in the near future? In which ways we can connect centralised fossil and decentralised renewable energy systems? And..
The electrical power infrastructure is rapidly changing due to the growing use of distributed renewable sources and is becoming increasingly complex to manage. ..
Powerweb: Big energy data
The "smart" in smart energy systems is facilitated by ICT and refers to dynamically controlling the system in the face of load fluctuations and anomalies or net..
Powerweb: Dynamic Capacity Control and Balancing at MV
The "smart" in smart energy systems is facilitated by ICT and refers to dynamically controlling the system in the face of load fluctuations and anomalies or net..
Powerweb: Multi-level ICT control
Smart grids are viewed as an ICT-supported energy "Power Web" comprising several interacting layers: from the physical-electrical infrastructure to a system con..
Powerweb: Smart grid infrastructure
When an accident happens in a power grid systems, such as short circuit, collapse of a power grid tower etc. the voltages and currents in components of the netw..
Powerweb: Socio-technical system
Smart grids can be designed in a lot of different ways. Prosumers may behave differently depending on the kind of smart grid they are in. By modelling prosumer ..
Realizing the smart grid: aligning consumer behaviour with technological opportunities
Reliable scenarios for consumer adoption and use of smart energy systems (SES) at the neighbourhood level are essential to secure stability of the grid. The tra..
Remaining lifetime of power transformers and transformer population
A study is initiated on remaining lifetime estimation of power transformers and populations of power transformers. Most transformers were installed several deca..
SEC Forecasting, planning & stability of Smart Energy Markets
Our electricity consumption is set to rise sharply in the coming decades. Technological innovations and new services must keep our future energy supply affordab..
SEC USEF-Universal Smart Grids Energy Framework
Our electricity consumption is set to rise sharply in the coming decades. Technological innovations and new services must keep our future energy supply affordab..
Sinergy of intelligent and energy within the electricity grid of the future
New components and intelligent managementsystems for the electrical grid of the future. The current electrical grid is not able to deliver enough capacity a..
Smart electricity grids
The research on Intelligent Power Grids focuses on design and operating methodologies for future electricity delivery systems with special emphasis on smart aut..
Smart grid – BEMS: the art of optimization
The research in the field of Energy in the Built Environment aims to contribute to the transition to a built environment that is highly energy efficient, has a..
Smart Regimes for Smart Grids
This research aims to create an integrated regime that addresses two behavioural uncertainties that impede smart grid developments: the legal design of emerging..
Solar Forecasting & Smart Grids
Reason: unpredictability of PV production costs money The production of PV electricity in the Netherlands is increasing at speed. PV integration in the electric..
SOPRA - Sustainable off-grid power plant for rural applications
Stabinet - Stabiliteit en Beheersbaarheid van het toekomstige elektriciteitsnet
Changes in the supply and demand within the Dutch electricity market put increasingly more stringent requirements on the grid. As a matter of fact, a totally re..
Stedendriehoek - Roadmap Energy Transition
De regio Stedendriehoek (Apeldoorn, Deventer, Zutphen) wil in 2030 energieneutraal zijn. Een ambitieus doel dat alleen gehaald wordt als alle inwoners hieraan b..
Storage integrated Multi agent controlled Smartgrid
Succesvolle inpassing van kleinschalige, duurzame elektriciteitsbronnen in onze totale elektriciteitsvoorziening vraagt in de toekomst een andere opbouw van de..
Technology for Distribution Area Situational Awareness in Electrical Networks
Reason: Little if any knowledge exists on the condition of the low-voltage grid. The energy transition means society is becoming increasingly dependent on the l..
Technology for distribution area situational awareness in electrical networks
The increase in fluctuating sustainable energy sources leads to another use of the electricity network. There will be increasing generation in the low-voltage g..
Thermochemical heat storage
Using salts for high-density heat storage will help bridging the gap in daily and seasonal variations in available solar energy...
Topsector Energy Switch To SmartGrids
TKI SWITCH2SmartGrids is a large Project, financing various research groups and institutions in the field of Smart Grids. TKI S2SGs represent a relatively ne..
Transitie Roadmap Energie Infrastructuur Nederland (TREIN)
The future energy infrastructure will have to be able to take-in large quantities of renewable energy sources, whether large scale or distributed generation (DG..
Transitie Roadmap Energie Infrastructuur Nederland - TREIN Deel 2
De energie-infrastructuur moet in de toekomst grote hoeveelheden decentrale duurzame energiebronnen opnemen. Deze hebben met elkaar gemeen dat ze in zekere mate..
Transition Patterns Enabling Smart Energy System (Trapeses)
The research focuses on the energy transition in the Netherlands. At this stage, it is far from clear how the transition to a Smart Energy System will take shap..
Transition Roadmap Energy Infrastructure in the Netherlands
The future energy infrastructure will have to be able to take-in large quantities of renewable energy, whether large scale or distributed generation. These sou..
Transitions and Transition Management in Infrastructure Systems
To date, only a nascent body-of-knowledge on transitions and transition management exists. The main objective of the research project therefore is to establish ..
Virtuele Infrastructuur Operating Systeem (VIOS)
Het Virtual Infrastructure Operating System (VIOS) project is gericht op het realiseren van de samenwerking van een aantal dominante c.q. populaire Smart Grids ..
Warmteweb B3-Hoek
Reason: fall in heat production at RoCa3 plant In the B3-Hoek Eneco operates a heat network to provide growers with heat. The heat network receives heat from th..