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msc. V. Vincent Hoen
Vincent Hoen began working for Ecofys in 2007. His areas of expertise are greenhouse gas emission reduction analyses and energy and carbon management, both on a strategic (national and international) level and for individual organizations. Vincent’s current focus is on energy and carbon solutions and business development for Ecofys’ growing US operation. Recently Vincent managed several projects related to WWF’s Climate Savers program—a prestigious environmental achievement standard for international corporations. Vincent worked with WWF US supporting the renewal process for Climate Savers agreements between WWF and: Coke, Collins, HP, J&J and National Geographic. Vincent is also the lead author of the 2012 impact assessment of WWF’s Climate Savers Program. This analysis showed that over thirty climate savers corporations avoided over 100 million tons of carbon dioxide between 1999 and 2011. Vincent was the lead consultant of the Ecofys business and CO2 calculation tool developed for the Dutch Telecom Company KPN. The tool enables KPN to calculate emission reductions and business advantages for its clients. Vincent executed research assignments relating to avoided emissions and supported SKF in developing its avoided emissions method. Examples of these “climate positive approaches” are: video conferencing, drag reducing coatings for airplanes and efficient ball bearings.



Solar Forecasting & Smart Grids
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