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Timeframe: 01 maart 2013 – 01 maart 2016
Solar Forecasting & Smart Grids
Reason: unpredictability of PV production costs money The production of PV electricity in the Netherlands is increasing at speed. PV integration in the electricity network results in greater energy supply unpredictability. This costs money. Project: SF & SG develops a system to predict PV production Ecofys, DNV KEMA and Utrecht University research how the integration of a large quantity of PV power can be achieved in a cost-effective way, and how solar power can be effectively connected to existing energy consumers based on Smart Grids and demand response. For this the project partners realise and validate the ‘Solar Forecasting’ prediction system, a tool that can better predict the performance of local PV installations. More accurate forecasting of PV production can be used to maintain a better balance between electricity demand and supply. Using Smart Grids and demand response the SF & SG project partners want to ensure that local and regional energy consumers can also directly use the solar power generated. Result: understanding of the Solar Forecasting function in the electricity network The project provides an understanding of the Solar Forecasting prediction and the functioning of the system in the electricity network. The project also answers the question of what the value is of being able to accurately forecast the performance of PV installations in a Smart Grid setting.


Vincent Hoen