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Symposium Applied Research on Charging Infrastructure


NKL and Dutch INCERT invite researchers, academics, applied researchers and practitioners to a symposium about Applied Research on Charging Infrastructure – ARCHI. This symposium will bring together key researchers and practitioners active in the field of charging infrastructure, and will contribute to the knowledge development and implementation regarding the optimization of charging infrastructure development and utilization.

Date:  January 24, 2017
Time:  9.30 – 18.00
Location:  Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Weesperzijde 190 in Amsterdam
Fee:  €50 – No admission for full-time students
Speakers:  Kornelis Blok, Robert van den Hoed, Auke Hoekstra and Bart Vertelman
Chair: Maarten Steinbuch
Registration: Please register HERE

Why this symposium?

  • To provide an overview of established knowledge and identify knowledge gaps.
  • To bring together leading researchers and practitioners from the industry.
  • To collect elements for a future research agenda on charging infrastructure.
  • To provide a platform for researchers to present their research to academic peers, industry experts and practitioners
  • To present key research findings of different research institutes of charging infrastructure.


Maarten_SteinbuchMaarten Steinbuch
Chair: Maarten Steinbuch is professor in Systems- and Control at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). His research interests are design and control of motion systems, robotics, automotive powertrains and of fusion plasmas.

Key-note Speakers

Kornelis_Blok_ARCHIKornelis Blok
As professor in  Energy Systems Analysis, Kornelis Blok holds a broader scope on energy transition. Blok’s drive is to search for new solutions to societal problems, particularly when they involve the energy supply and the climate.

Robert_van_den_HoedRobert van den Hoed
Robert van den Hoed is Lector Energy and Innovation at the Urban Technology research program of the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. His research team focuses on optimizing rollout and utilization of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Research involves energy modelling, simulation and forecasting, policy analysis and consumer research; in close cooperation with municipalities and infra-related companies.

Auke_Hoekstra_ARCHIAuke Hoekstra
Auke Hoekstra only has one goal, namely  speeding up the transition to electric mobility and sustainable energy. In his research he underpins how the electric car and sustainable energy support each other and how the energy transition can be done.

Bart_VertelmanBart Vertelman
Bart Vertelman is Program Manager EV at Gemeente Amsterdam.


Bart_VertelmanPavol Bauer
Pavol Bauer is currently a full Professor with the Department of Electrical Sustainable Energy of Delft University of Technology and head of DC Systems, Energy Conversion and Storage group. His research team focuses also on projects for smart cities such as PV charging of electric vehicles, PV and storage integration and contactless charging of electric vehicles. He holds 3 international patents related to e mobility and is one of the organizers of ProfEd E-mobillity.

Organization ARCHI
Frank_RieckFrank Rieck – Dutch-INCERT
Frank Rieck is a lector Future Mobility on the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and president at Dutch-INCERT. His background lies in industrial design of automobiles, the development of light materials and various senior management functions.

roland_foto_zww_webRoland Ferwerda – NKL
Roland Ferwerda is Program Manager at NKL, the Dutch platform where government, knowledge institutions and companies come together to achieve affordable public charging. Roland realizes innovative projects with positive impact on the business case in collaboration with all stakeholders in the EV market.

As participants you can collaborate in several ways. You can submit a poster of your research, or can give a small TedTalk (15 minutes) on the topic of your research. Anyone that would like to give a TedTalk or poster presentation must hand in an abstract on beforehand. Since this is not a scientific symposium, handing in a paper is optional. By participating in this symposium you get the chance to:

  • Generate awareness for your research
  • Share your knowledge amongst other researchers
  • Accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy
  • Find new partners for your research

In order to participate we look forward to receive abstracts on charging infrastructure related research.

Abstracts can be submitted
Abstracts of charging infrastructure related research (including consumer research, empirical studies, data analyses, technical studies, grid network studies) can be submitted to be presented at the symposium. The abstracts will be evaluated by the expert team of the NKL to be made eligible for an oral presentation or a poster presentation. Deadline Call for Abstracts: January 5th 2017.

Abstracts can be submitted online via the registrationlink. All decisions will be communicated to the authors on the 21st of December.To be eligible, the abstract should fulfil the following criteria: it reports on actual or future public or private charging infrastructure, it contains new insights, it has not been published before… more details by registration.

Review abstract
All abstracts will be reviewed by a member of the Expert Team of NKL (Maarten Steinbuch, Kornelis Blok, Robert van den Hoed and Auke Hoekstra). Abstracts are being reviewed on clarity, appropriateness of scientific method, interpretation of results and conclusions.

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