Full programme Applied Research on Charging Infrastructure (ARCHI) symposium

Symposium: Programme
Applied Research on Charging Infrastructure (ARCHI)
January 24th  09:30 – 18.00hrs


Programme: 09:30 – 18.00hrs

09.30 Welcome, coffee
10.00 Introduction and welcome Maarten Steinbuch, TU/e – chair
Frank Rieck, chair DutchINCERT
Ivo Weekenborg, chair NKL

[key notes]

10.10 Kornelis Blok, Professor TU Delft – Energy Transition and effects on Charging Infrastructure (norway) (tbc)
10.30 Bart Vertelman, Municipality of Amsterdam, Charging infrastructure and urgency for cities
10.50 Robert van den Hoed, Professor Energy and Innovation (AUAS)
Auke Hoekstra, senior researcher TU/e – Landscape of charging infrastructure research in the Netherlands

[Academic sessions]

Academic session 1: Charging infrastructure and Energy Modelling / Smart grids (TEDx format)
11.10 1. Maarten Cuijpers, Ecofys, Future exploration electric mobility and charging infrastructure (tbc)
11.30 2. Marieke van Amstel, ElaadNL, System approach for flexibility in energy demand of electric vehicles
11.50 3. Peter Hogeveen en Auke Hoekstra, EV Consult en TU/e, The impact of charging behavior on the electricity grid with future technologies
12.10 Lunch & poster presentations

[key note]

13.15 Pavol Bauer, TUDelft, Professor DC Systems, Energy Conversion & Storage)

[Continue academic sessions]

Academic session 2: Charging infrastructure & Consumer / Market
13.35 4. Maarten Bonnema, University of Twente, Conquering the Early Majority: what to learn from Norway?
13.55 5. Milan Tamis, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Incentives and motives for taxi drivers to switch to Electric Taxis; the case of Amsterdam
14.15 6. Nazir Refa, ElaadNL, Dutch electric vehicles user experiences
14.35 Short Break
Academic session 3: Charging infrastructure & Technology
14.45 7. Bas Vermulst, TU/e, Challenges in Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles – An overview
15.05 8. Sara Gonzalez Villafranca, Insights on V2X Technology
15.25 9. Achim Friedland, GraphDefined GmbH, Upcoming Challenges for E-Mobility Protocols and Operations
15.45 Short Break
Academic session 4: Charging infrastructure & data analysis
15.55 10. Rick Wolbertus, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Inefficient use of charging stations: Analysis, quantification and solutions
16.15 11. Gijs van der Poel, Overmorgen, Analysis of carsharing utilization and requirements for charging infrastructure
16.35 12. Jurjen Helmus, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Failure is an option: Vulnerability of charging infrastructure as part of rollout strategies
16.55 Final remarks and roundoff
17.00 Drinks