E-Hub - Joint Research Project

MSc Thesis available:
D-INCERT is looking for motivated students to work on their master thesis within the E-Hub team during the 2017-2018 academic year. This diverse student team will create and develop a multi-perspective vision and design of a future-proof charge facility for large-scale EV charging.
​The assignment will focus on a case company with multiple offices throughout the Netherlands which has a fleet of 500 vehicles that will be made electric in the next 5 years. It will be a connective and integrated hub design with local renewable generation, smart charging, stationary storage, load balancing with nearby buildings and shared vehicles.


The sales of electric vehicles are expected to grow rapidly over the next years. Although home charging is perceived as the cheapest and most comfortable option, more than two-thirds of households in the Netherlands do not have access to private parking.
Scaling up public charging infrastructure is thus a necessary development in the transition to emission-free mobility.

The E-Hub will provide charge facilities for large numbers of electric vehicles by means of a system that is scalable and has a sound business case. It will be a smart facility that is able to charge your car when it is parked near your home. Or think of streets in the city centre that will ensure your car is ready to go after you have spent your time productively.

The E-Hub project is realized by the first multidisciplinary and cross-university student team that will think about the future of the charging infrastructure needed for electric mobility.

Central console render

E-Hub centrale console


E-Hub smart street

E-Hub smart street



The E-Hub also addresses other future developments. For example, it can be connected to a smart grid to more efficiently charge the cars by taking into account the required amount of energy and time. The E-Hub can herewith help to balance the demand and supply of electricity in the region.


The E-Hub collaborates with The Green Village. The Green Village is a test environment at the TU Delft campus where researchers, students, big and small businesses and visitors together solve the challenges of a sustainable future. The collaboration with The Green Village is mainly aimed at realizing a modern charging facility on the TU Delft campus.

E-Hub Team

The E-Hub is being developed by Dutch-INCERT and a student team, with the following members:

Management team

Bob Elders – Project leader
MSc Systems & Control – TU Delft

Current Research projects

Johan van der Schaaf – Design of central console and charging points
BSc Industrial Design Engineering – UTwente

Novy Francis – Design of electrical systems and develop power management techniques
MSc Electrical Sustainable Energy – TU Delft

Project supervisors

Dr. Ir. Maarten Bonnema – Associate Professor in Multidisciplinary Systems Design
Department of Design, Production and Management – UTwente

Prof. Dr. Eng. Pavol Bauer – Professor DC systems, Energy conversion & Storage

Department Electrical Sustainable Energy – TU Delft

Previous Research projects

Justen Ang – Design of charging user-interface
BSc Industrial Design Engineering – UTwente

Robin Vos – Design of charging infrastructure
BSc Industrial Design Engineering – UTwente

Vivi Kokosia – Analysis of stakeholder trade-offs and participatory design
MSc Management of Technology, ICT Management & Design – TU Delft

Pamela Nunez Araya – Socio-technical analysis of transition of existing infrastructure and business model development
MSc Management of Technology, Emerging Technology-Based Innovation & Entrepreneurship – TU Delft

Palak Gupta – Energy-efficient building design and integration of renewable energy sources
MSc Sustainable Energy Technology – TU Delft

Shaista Kalpoe – Analysis and design of integration process into the electrical grid from technical and institutional perspective
MSc System Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management, Energy & Industry – TU Delft