The sales of electric vehicles are expected to grow rapidly over the next years. Although home charging is perceived as the cheapest and most comfortable option, more than two-thirds of households in the Netherlands do not have access to private parking. Scaling up public charging infrastructure is thus a necessary development in the transition to emission-free mobility.


Within the E-Hub project multidisciplinary cross-university student teams work on relevant topics in the field of charging infrastructure that come directly from the field. The E-Hub brings together a mix of experts to create a system solution by generating findings that would have been less obvious when focussing on the smaller parts of the system.

Central console render

E-Hub central console


E-Hub smart street

E-Hub smart street


The E-Hub collaborates with The Green Village. The Green Village is a test environment at the TU Delft campus where researchers, students, big and small businesses and visitors together solve the challenges of a sustainable future. The collaboration with The Green Village is mainly aimed at realizing a modern charging facility on the TU Delft campus.

E-Hub Team

The E-Hub is developed by Dutch-INCERT and a student team, with the following members:

Management team

Bob Elders – Project leader
MSc Systems & Control – TU Delft

Current Research projects

Royal Reesink

Royal Reesink is a Dutch supplier of heavy equipment for road construction and agriculture. In the Netherlands Reesink has about 20 business units divided over 40 locations. Further they have a fleet of ~ 500 lease cars which they want to electrify in the coming years. At the same time Reesink wants to develop a private nationwide covering network of chargers

For Royal Reesink we are working on two subjects:

1. Park-and-charge facility for Reesinks headoffice with:

  • Local renewables
  • Local storage
  • Integration with energy system of nearby building

2.  System design nationwide charging network

Project supervisors

Dr. Ir. Maarten Bonnema – Associate Professor in Multidisciplinary Systems Design
Department of Design, Production and Management – UTwente

Prof. Dr. Eng. Pavol Bauer – Professor DC systems, Energy conversion & Storage
Department Electrical Sustainable Energy – TU Delft

Previous Research projects

Mike Voss – In-company smart charging: design of an EV charging system and simulation model
MSc Emerging Technology Design – UTwente

Johan van der Schaaf – Design of central console and charging points
BSc Industrial Design Engineering – UTwente

Novy Francis – Design of electrical systems and develop power management techniques
MSc Electrical Sustainable Energy – TU Delft

Justen Ang – Design of charging user-interface
BSc Industrial Design Engineering – UTwente

Robin Vos – Design of charging infrastructure
BSc Industrial Design Engineering – UTwente

Vivi Kokosia – Analysis of stakeholder trade-offs and participatory design
MSc Management of Technology, ICT Management & Design – TU Delft

Pamela Nunez Araya – Socio-technical analysis of transition of existing infrastructure and business model development
MSc Management of Technology, Emerging Technology-Based Innovation & Entrepreneurship – TU Delft

Palak Gupta – Energy-efficient building design and integration of renewable energy sources
MSc Sustainable Energy Technology – TU Delft

Shaista Kalpoe – Analysis and design of integration process into the electrical grid from technical and institutional perspective
MSc System Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management, Energy & Industry – TU Delft