Unleash the Power of Smart Charging: Smart Charging Challenge hackathon


Unleash the Power of Smart Charging

Smart Charging Challenge hackathon

March 9 and 10 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In our future energy system we will live, work and drive using energy from the sun and wind. The supply of solar and wind energy is growing rapidly and in 2025 a million electric vehicles will drive around the Netherlands. By linking these two developments, enormous opportunities emerge to accelerate the energy transition.

In the Netherlands we are shaping this development using smart charging. We charge our electric vehicles when there is an abundant supply of solar and wind energy, and avoid peak hours on the electricity grid. We use the batteries of electric vehicles to store this renewable energy for later use. Currently there are only a limited number of applications that utilize smart charging. We want to give an impulse to smart charging and release all its power!

In order to realize this, we have to work together on smart solutions. That is why we are inviting you to join the Smart Charging Challenge hackathon to unleash all the possibilities of smart charging. The best ideas will get a monetary reward and will receive support to further develop and implement their idea.

The hackathon focuses on a number of challenges, including

➢ Improving the (local) use of excess solar power;

➢ Balancing the energy flows in the grid;

➢ Making it easy to find the best available charging spot.

You will be provided with a wide variety of data sources to use, experts to consult, interesting speakers, networking opportunities, food and entertainment.

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The Smart Charging Challenge is an initiative from the Living Lab Smart Charging. We are an open platform in which parties work together on our future energy system. At increasingly greater scale we are testing how we can improve Smart Charging applications. We focus on innovation and sharing knowledge, and we support others with the development of new projects. Not only in the Netherlands, but also internationally.